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Author Instructions

In the initial stages (for review purposes) of publication, it is recommended that articles be prepared with diagrams and tables inserted into the main text. Once an article is accepted for publication, the article should be prepared in the form of separate files containing the following elements:
1. the text of the article with a list of sources of reference;
2. diagrams;
3. tables;
4. photographs;
5. a list of diagrams with keys;
6. a list of tables;
7. a list of photographs.

When using special symbols (e.g. mathematical symbols), it is recommended that the file also be sent in graphical format in order to prevent mistakes.

The text of the article should be prepared in proper English. It is highly recommended that each article be edited by a native speaker of the English language. Language editing can be performed by the publishers for a fee if an author agrees to such an arrangement. In such a case, once language editing is performed, the text is e-mailed to the author for final review.

File format

Articles need to be prepared in Microsoft Word file format.

The name of each file should contain the last name of the first author and should follow this format: : text, fig., tab. phot. .; e.g..: Kowalski-text.doc, Kowalski-fig 1.xls, Kowalski-tab 1.doc. Kowalski-phot 1.jpg

The text of the article should meet the following requirements:
- All margins: 2.5 cm
- Spacing: 1.5 lines
- Title: 14 point Times New Roman (TNR) font
- Authors: 12 point TNR
- Affiliation: 10 point italicized TNR
- Abstract: 10 point TNR
- Keywords: 10 point TNR
- Chapter titles (numbered): 12 point TNR, all capitals
- Subchapter titles (not numbered): 12 point TNR, bold print
- Do not indent the first paragraph of each chapter
- Indent (1 cm) all the following paragraphs of each charter
- All line numbers must be on the left side, separately for each page
- Use the SI system of units

The list of sources of reference and in-text citation methods should follow the format used in the lastest edition .

Diagrams should be prepared using Corel Draw (version 11 or lower), MS Excel or another widely available program. Special attention needs to be paid to font size so that diagram titles are legible in the printed edition. Diagrams should be prepared in black and white. Authors will be charged a fee for publishing color diagrams.

Tables should be prepared in Microsoft Word, 10 point TNR.

Photographs should be in tiff or jpg format with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

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