Thematic session: Global Retail Corporations and their Regional Impact

Chairpersons: Ulrich J├╝rgens, Tomasz Kaczmarek

The failure of retail internationalization       

Barbara Hahn, Institute of Geography, Wuerzburg University


Internationalization of grocery retailers in developing countries     

Lech Suwala, Elmar Kulke, Department of Economic Geography, Humboldt University of Berlin


Resistance, resilience or reworking: Strategies of intermediaries in agro-food networks in times of transforming food market structures in Turkey      

Martin Franz, Alexandra Appel, Department of Geography, University of Marburg


Travel to retail and services in the Brno Hinterlands - the comparison between the recent and the socialism periods           

Jaroslav Maryas, Josef Kunc, Petr Tonev, Zdenek Szczyrba, David Fiedor, Department of Regional Economics and Administration, Faculty of Economics and Administration, Masaryk University in Brno