Thematic session: Inclusionary Youth Geographies: Changes, Challenges and Responsibilities 2

This session is co-sponsored by the Geographies of Children, Youth and Families Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers)

Chairpersons: Fiona M. Smith, Matej Blazek, Kathrin Hörschelmann

Exploring contradictions in youth participation: An examination of young people's political activism, the Peruvian child and adolescent workers movement, and informal street work

Dena Aufseeser, Geography and Environmental Systems, University of Maryland Baltimore County


Gendered youth strategies in a society of change: Breaking or reproducing the local gender contract?   

Susanne Stenbacka (1), Ann Grubbström (1), Gunnel Forsberg (2)

(1) Department of Social and Economic Geography, Uppsala University

(2) Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University


Creating inclusionary futures: The challenge for young people of living with difference    

Gill Valentine, University of Sheffield


Youth sociality and cultures: Inclusions, exclusions, participation and marginalisation, questions of intersectionality and context  

Louise Holt (1), Jennifer Lea (2), Sophie Bowlby (1)

(1) Department of Geography, Loughborough University

(2) Department of Geography, University of Exeter