Thematic session: Natural Environment, Climate Change, Disasters and its Impact on Human Society in South Asia 1

Chairpersons: R.B. Singh, Pawel Prokop, Anupam Anand

Environmental value and human adjustment to flood hazard in the Ganga floodplain: India

Mohan Pathak, Geography, SMRDPG College Bhurkura Ghazipur UP India


Integrating remote sensing for monitoring and mitigation of climate disasters in Indian Himalayas         

Anupam Anand, Jyotheswar Nagol, Joseph Sexton, Global Land Cover Facility, Geographical Sciences, University of Maryland


Mapping the city: A geographical perspective of urban crime in the National Capital Territory of Delhi

Monika Vij, Department of Geography, University of Delhi


Monitoring spatial patterns of land surface temperature and urban heat island in Mumbai metropolitan city, India using Landsat TM data         

RB Singh, Aakriti Grover, Department of Geography, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi