Thematic session: Natural Environment, Climate Change, Disasters and its Impact on Human Society in South Asia 3

Chairpersons: R.B. Singh, Pawel Prokop, Roman Soja, Dominik Gargol

Extreme rainfall changes over the Meghalaya Hills (Northeast India) during the 20th century

Pawel Prokop (1), Adam Walanus (2)

(1) Department of Geoenvironmental Research, Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization, Polish Academy of Sciences

(2) Department of Geoinformatics and Applied Computer Science, AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków


Diurnal variation of precipitation in Cherrapunjee (Meghalaya, India)

Roman Soja (1), Joanna Nowakowska (2)

(1) Institute of Geography and Spatial Managment, Polish Academy of Sciences

(2) Institute of Physical Geography, Pedagogical University of Cracow


Maximum flow and the maximum specific flow in small catchments, affected by summer monsoon near Cherrapunjee (Meghalaya Plateau, India)

Tomasz Bryndal, Roman Soja, Institute of Geography, Pedagogical University of Cracow


Spatial distribution and structure of precipitation in Cherrapunjee area (Meghalaya, India)

Dominik Gargol, Małgorzata Juszczyk, Roman Soja, Physical Geography Department, Pedagogical University of Cracow


Bioclimate conditions of Andaman Islands in relation to climate determinism of Negrito people

Maciej Kędzierski, Dominik Gargol, Pedagogical University of Cracow