Thematic session: Artists and the Challenges of Contemporary Urban Development 1: Artistic Quarters

Chairpersons: Jarosław Działek, Monika Murzyn-Kupisz

Artists and urban redevelopment: Pioneers or tools? A look at the “artists’ village” of Saint-Gilles, Brussels

Tatiana Debroux, Laboratoire de géographie humaine, Universite Libre de Bruxelles


The place of artists’ ateliers and studios in urban development: A comparison between Zurich and Nantes        

Valerie Sauter, Institute of Geography, University of Neuchatel


Artists, CEOs and junkmen: Urban renewal and social conflict in Barcelona       

Joan Ganau, Daniel Paül, Pilar Riera, Universitat de Lleida


New kinds of urban conflicts over urban artistic places. Are gentrification and touristification inevitable?          

Mariko Ikeda, Department of Geography, University of Tsukuba


Conflicts over an emerging creative space. A cultural quarter development in Belgrade   

Nikola Jocić (1), Aljosa Budović (1), Andreas Winkler (2)

(1) Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade

(2) University of Bamberg