Thematic session: Teacher Education in Geography: Models, Practices, Challenges and Innovative Approaches 4

Chairpersons: Eyüp Artvinli, Danuta Piróg

Geography teacher education and GeoCapabilities: A comparative analysis of teacher education systems in a selection of European countries and the US 

Sirpa Tani (1), Eyüp Artvinli (2), Karl Donert (3), David Lambert (4), Michael Solem (5)

(1) Department of Teacher Education, University of Helsinki

(2) Department of Elementary Education, Eskisehir Osmangazi University


(4) Institute of Education, University of London

(5) Association of American Geographers


GeoCapabilities: Toward an international framework for researching the purposes and values of geography education       

Michael Solem (1), David Lambert (2), Sirpa Tani (3)

(1) Association of American Geographers

(2) Institute of Education, University of London

(3) University of Helsinki


Recent changes in geography initial teacher training in Portugal. Change of pedagogic and scientific paradigm           

Cristiana Martinha (1), Sergio Claudino (2)

(1) CEGOT and CITCEM, University of Porto

(2) IGOT, University of Lisbon


Symbiotic teacher training courses as an innovative approach for in-service teacher education

Janis Foegele, FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg