Thematic session: Teacher Education in Geography: Models, Practices, Challenges and Innovative Approaches 6

Chairpersons: Eyüp Artvinli, Danuta Piróg

Mobile technology in management of field-based learning for pre-service teachers: An assessment of mGeo     

Kalyani Chatterjea, Humanities and SS Education Academic Group, National Institute of Education Singapore


Geography in teacher education in Spain    

Jesus Granados Sanchez, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


Does it matter that we know little about the geographical understanding of trainee primary teachers?    

Simon Catling, School of Education, Oxford Brookes University


Is there a place for geography? A reading of the new Italian university degree in teacher education       

Stefano Malatesta, Enrico Squarcina, ‘Riccardo Massa’ Human Sciences for Education Department, Universita di Milano-Bicocca