Thematic session: What is Geography: Debates and Definitions (The Seventh Session of the Lelevel Society Research Group) 1

Chairpersons: Gideon Biger, Witold Wilczyński

Epistemology and subject of geography according to A. Bonnett    

Witold Wilczyński, Pedagogical University of Cracow


What was geography? Or, why should we try to return to the basics?        

Haim Goren, Tel-Hai College


Why has academic geography significantly lost social-political relevance, particularly within the United States, Canada, and other Anglophone countries?  

Georges Cravins, Department of Geography and Earth Science, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse


"Regional Research of Russia", the new journal on regional science: The difference between geographic and economics approach of research      

Olga Glezer, Tatiana Borodina, Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences


Region: Welcome back as the core for the study of geography

Subbiah Shanmugam Pillai, Anna Centre for Public Affairs, University of Madras