C12.03 Biogeography and Biodiversity

Session: Linking Biogeography and Society 1

Chairpersons: Kazuharu Mizuno, Udo Schickhoff

Distributions of woody plants and its relation to the day-trip herding of goats in North-western Namibia

Koki Teshirogi, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature in Kyoto


Impact of charcoal production on tree species diversity in Ibarapa East local government, Oyo State, Nigeria

Christiana Egbinola, Amobichukwu Amanambu, Department of Geography, University of Ibadan


Biodiversity conservation in Indira Gandhi Canal Project Area, Thar Desert, India

Ved Prakash Meena, Maharani Shri Jaya Government Post Graduate College


The actual biogeography of the European Russia as a result of the climatic impact's and landuse's synergy

Arkady Tishkov, Elena Belonovskaya, Department of Biogeography, Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences