C12.05 Coastal Systems

Session: Management of the Coast and Sea in the Mediterranean Basin and the Black Sea

Chairpersons: Françoise Breton

Revising the ICZM concept and exploring some of its spatial representations        

Françoise Breton (1), François Morisseau (2), Emile Ivanov (3)

(1) Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona 

(2) AMP French Federation



Alternative techniques to assess the eutrophication in offshore water under the ecosystem approach’s requirements  

M. Garmendia, A. Marín, M. Dinares, François Morisseau, Françoise Breton, Research Group SGR INTERFASE, Department of Geography, Autonomous University of Barcelona


Residual sediment transport trajectories on dynamic submarine compartments of Réghaïa Beach (Algiers East coast-Algeria)

Salim Bouakline, Makhlouf Boutiba, Mohand Saïd Guettouche, LGG/FSTGAT, University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene