C12.07 Cultural Approach in Geography / C12.14 Geography of the Global Information Society

Session: Digital Culture and the Digital Revolution

Chairpersons: Karsten Gäbler, Mark Wilson

Augmenting the everyday: Emerging places for digital research    

Mike Duggan, Social & Cultural Geography, Royal Holloway University of London


The digital construction of traditional geographical imaginations

Tilo Felgenhauer, University of Jena


Tweet my street: A geographical snapshot of digital culture in North-East England          

Graeme Mearns (1), Rebecca Simmonds (2), Ranald Richardson (3), Paul Watson (2), Mike Coombes (3), Paolo Missier (2)

(1) Department of Geography, Newcastle University

(2) Computing Science, Newcastle University

(3) Centre for Urban and Regional Development, Newcastle University