C12.08 Dynamics of Economic Spaces

Session: The Geography of ‘Greening the Economy’ – Restructuring, Knowledge, Networks and Discourse 2

Chairpersons: Brita Hermelin, Margareta Dahlström

The experience of the implementation in Ukraine a sustainable development paradigm and reports on progress in this area as an example of a communication platform for greening the economy

Leonid Rudenko, Sergiy Lisovsky, Eugenia Maruniak, Institute of Geography, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Greening the local business community: Collaboration and identity formation in the greenest city in Europe     

Ida Andersson, Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University


Innovative process involving many actors in renovation

Kristina Trygg, Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University


Local projects for sustainable development: Dynamics of projects in multi-local networks

Brita Hermelin, Centre for Municipality Studies, Linköping University