C12.10 Gender and Geography / C12.15 Geography of Tourism, Leisure, and Global Change

Session: Gender and Tourism

Chairpersons: Janet Momsen, Alison Gill

Women in tourism: Shifting gender ideology?

Lauren Duffy (1), Carol Kline (2)

(1) Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management, Clemson University

(2) Department of Recreation and Leisure; Center for Sustainable Tourism, East Carolina University


The role of women in rural tourism and spatial innovation

Iren Szorenyine Kukorelli, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Physicality, femininity, socialisation and white water rafting

Tracey McKay, Department of Geography, Environmental Management & Energy Studies, University of Johannesburg


Gender and tourism: Mountain tourism in Japan

Janet Momsen (1), Michael Nakata (2)

(1) International Gender Studies, University of Oxford

(2) Department of Geography, University of California, Davis


Halal tourism: The making of gendered fantasyscapes

Ghada Masri, Global Studies, University of California-Riverside