C12.10 Gender and Geography

 Session: Bodies, Borders and Mobilities 2

Chairpersons: Claire Dwyer

Gendered emotional geographies of new European mobilities       

Kathryn Cassidy, Faculty of Environment and Engineering, Northumbria University


Border Cinema: Negotiating bodies, borders and mobilities           

Klaus Dodds, Royal Holloway


The life courses about Chinese women with higher educations who live in Japan as foreign workers      

Tong Yaqina, Hiroshima University


Status and roles: Impact on sex selectivity in border crossing migration from southern border provinces of Thailand        

Nisakorn Klanarong, Geography Department, Thaksin University


Going gender: Mobility practices in a transnational world 

Gunnel Forsberg (1), Susanne Stenbacka (2)

(1) Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University

(2) Department of Social and Economic Geography, Uppsala University