C12.10 Gender and Geography

Session: Challenges of Gendered Lives and Places: Wellbeing, Planning and Gendered Scales of Citizenship

Chairpersons: Orna Blumen, Tovi Fenster

Bargaining with patriarchy: The development of gendered civic capacity in regeneration projects in Meonot Yam, Bat Yam Israel           

Tovi Fenster (1), Efrat Eizenberg (2)

(1) Department of Geography and Human Environment, Tel Aviv University

(2) Department of Architecture, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology


Bedouin women negotiating urban tribalism: Tensions between town planning and housing policy as agents of change           

Yuval Karplus (1), Rachel Katoshevski (2)

(1) Department of Geography and Environmental Development, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

(2) Department of Civil Engineering, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology


Deficiencies of well-being in marginalised rural spaces in Hungary from a feminist perspective

Judit Timár, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Gender and networks of electoral funding in Brazil 

Joseli Maria Silva (1), Ivan Jairo Junckes (2), Edson Armando Silva (1), Rodrigo Horochovski (2), Neilor Fermino Camargo (2)

(1) University of State of Ponta Grossa

(2) Federal University of Paraná