C12.10 Gender and Geography

Session: Feminist Participatory Methodologies: Creating Spaces of Inclusion? 1

Chairpersons: Martina Angela Caretta, Yvonne RiaƱo

Triple subjectivity in knowlegde construction in cross-cultural, cross-language research  

Martina A. Caretta, Stockholm University


Accounting for the positionalities of research and mother in the field         

Danielle Drozdzewski, University of New South Wales


Looking from the inside: Using the real of heuristic inquiry to understand the dynamics of widowhood and its effects on health in place       

Verity Greenwood, Institute of Geography, Macquarie University


Participation and participatory methodologies: An unconfortable engagement with the geographies of prejudice           

Helen Wilson, Institute of Geography, University of Manchester


Performing interviews or going to dates?     

Thomas Wimark, Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University