C12.10 Gender and Geography

Session: Surviving and Thriving as a Woman Geographer: Panel Session with Short Introductory Presentations

Chairperson: Janice Monk

Surviving and thriving as a woman in geography: Panel and discussion

Janice Monk, School of Geography and Development, University of Arizona


Crayons, cartographies, maps and mothering: Notes from an Indian feminist-geographer- mother         

Anindita Datta, Department of Geography, University of Delhi


Great expectations: Surviving gendered policies and changing institutional frameworks in a rapidly internationalizing university

Shirlena Huang, Department of Geography, National University of Singapore


Searching alternative truths and some personal experiences

Ragnhild Lund, Department of Geography, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Feminist co-mentoring: Building solidarity at a neoliberalizing state university

Kristin Sziarto, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee