C12.11 Geographical Education

Session: Changing Practices in Geography Education: Meeting the Challenges of the Future 6: Innovation in Pedagogy

Chairperson: John Lidstone

Geographical reasoning in TTG lessons: Characteristics and quality of teachers’ performances

Fer Hooghuis (1), Martin van der Velde (1), Joop van der Schee (2), Monique Volman (3)

(1) Radboud Graduate School of Teaching, Radboud University Nijmegen

(2) Centre for Educational Training, Assessment and Research, VU University Amsterdam

(3) Department of Child Development and Education, Pedagogical and Educational Sciences, University of Amsterdam


Applying a semiotic approach to interpretation of photos in geography education

Markus Hilander, Department of Teacher Education, University of Helsinki


Geographical learning for fostering citizenship: Utilizing geographical enquiry into social dispute issues           

Shigefumi Nagata, Mie University