C12.11 Geographical Education

Session: Session: Research Findings and Challenges in Geography Education 2: GIS Instruction / Student Learning

Chairperson: Sarah Bednarz

Geospatial technologies an geography education - the effects of geography lessons with geospatial technologies on the development of students' relational thinking 

Tim Favier (1), Joop van der Schee (2)

(1) Department of Geography, Fontys Hogeschool

(2) Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University


The impact of GIS Integrated teaching on underachieving Malaysia students' motivation to learn geography       

Soon Singh Bikar Singh, Grant Kleeman, Penny Van Bergen, School of Education, Macquarie University


The effectiveness of a web-based adaptive learning environment for senior high school GIS education   

Yaohui Wang, Che-Ming Chen, Department of Geography, National Taiwan Normal University