C12.11 Geographical Education

Session: Research Findings and Challenges in Geography Education 4: Student Learning/Assessment

Chairperson: Sarah Bednarz

System Competence Modelling         

Rainer Mehren (née Uphues) (1), Eva Marie Ullrich-Riedhammer (1), Armin Rempfler (2), Janine Buchholz (3), Johannes Hartig (3)

(1) Department of Geography Education, University Erlangen-Nuremberg

(2) Department of Geography Education, University of Teacher Education Lucerne

(3) German Institute for International Educational Research, Frankfurt


Execution of excursions: The development of educational trails to a structured net of geopoints with geocaching           

Thomas Kisser, Department of Geography, University of Education Heidelberg


What does map the map-skill-test tell us about Czech pupils?         

Martin Hanus, Miroslav Marada, Tereza Kocova, Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, Charles University in Prague


GeoProgressions: Building capacity for learning progressions research in geography

Michael Solem, Association of American Geographers