C12.13 Geography of Governance

Session: Geography, Governance and Citizens’ participation 2

Chairperson: Ján Buček

Educational and professional structure of local self-government leaders: Spatial and time analysis        

Konrad Ł. Czapiewski (1), Krzysztof Janc (2), Michał Konopski (1)

 (1) Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization,  Polish Academy of Sciences

 (2) University of Wrocław


Is electoral participation no longer important? Cultural, economic and geographical factors influencing electoral participation in the Czech Republic           

Tomas Kostelecky, Local and Regional Studies, Institute of Sociology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic


Participation as local integration engine? Actors in German local integration concepts between network governance and governmentality      

Susanne Kubiak, ILS - Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development of Germany


Approaches in governing emerging urban diversities: The experiences of four post-socialist cities (Leipzig, Warsaw, Budapest and Tallinn)        

Adam Bierzyński, Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization, Polish Academy of Sciences


The power of academia: Scholars as actors in culture revival        

Hsi-Ju Chuang, Department of Taiwan and Regional Studies, National Dong Hwa University