C12.13 Geography of Governance

Session: Geography, Governance and Citizens' Participation 3

Chairperson: Ján Buček

Metropolitan governance rescaling in Belgium, France and United Kingdom. Studying boundaries of urban governments through the application of an analytical framework for institutional changes

Christophe Breuer, Department of Geography, University of Liege


Contributions to governance, analysis of the citizen response to the milestone of the economic crisis: A case study in Barcelona

Maricel Gonzalez, Faculty of Geography and History, University of Barcelona


Contradictions, pressures and intergovernmental relations in Bratislava metropolitan governance

Ján Buček, Department of Human Geography & Demogeography, Comenius University in Bratislava


Geographic dimensions of stakeholder participation in environmental governance: Remedial plans at Great Lakes Areas of concern

Ryan Holifield (1), Kathleen Williams (1), Caitie McCoy (2)

(1) Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

(2) Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, University of Illinois


Resilience building and the politics of natural resources: A case study of forest land management in Taiwan

Huei-Chung Hsiao, Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, Cheng Kung University