C12.14 / C12.07 / C12.15 / C12.39 / C12.30 / Mega Event Planning Research Group, Michigan State University

Session: Mega Event Planning: Culture Capitals, Place and Identity

Chairpersons: Benno Werlen, Mark Wilson

Geography of festivals - a new subfield        

Waldemar Cudny, University of Łódź


Marseille as the Cultural Capital of Europe 2013: Producing a new image of the city

Paul Claval (1), Colette Annequin (2)

(1) Universite de Paris-IV Sorbonne

(2) Sciences Sociales, Universite Grenoble II


Multi-level participation and relational networking in preparing and implementing mega-events: The example of two European Capitals of Culture              

Agnes Nemeth, Karelian Institute, University of Eastern Finland


The German Cultural Capitals Berlin (1987), Weimar (1999) and Ruhr (2010): Intentions, cultural discourses and effects on marketing and identity

Achim Prossek, Department of Geography, Humboldt University Berlin


Destination branding and urban regeneration as justifications for tax immunity of mega events

Karolina Tetlak, University of Warsaw