C12.15 Geography of Tourism, Leisure, and Global Change

Session: Changing Dynamics of Tourism in Central Europe 1

Chairpersons: Dieter Műller, Marek Więckowski

Foresight in Polish tourism planning - new opportunities for future tourism          

Matylda Awedyk, Department of Tourism and Landscape Geography, E. Piasecki University School of Physical Education in Poznań


Changing social geography of second home tourism in Poland: The case of Bory Tucholskie region      

Czesław Adamiak, Department of Spatial Management and Tourism, Nicolaus Copernicus University


Selecting the stage for new experiential tourism services in Maramures: A geographical approach        

Gabriela Ilies, Silviu V. Bumbak, Marin Ilies, Faculty of Geography, Babes-Bolyai University


Tourism, sustainable development and community resilience in the Romanian Carpathians rural settlements. Case Study: Rucăr-Bran Corridor

Elena Matei (1), Dorin Matei (2)

(1) Human and Economic Department, Faculty of Geography, Bucharest University

(2) Hermes Economic College, Faculty of Geography, Bucharest University


Landslides in the Polish Carpathians as the potential educational geopoints         

Anna Chrobak (1), Jarosław Cebulski (2)

(1) Institute of Geography, Pedagogical University of Cracow

(2) Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization, Polish Academy of Sciences