C12.20 History of Geography / C12.33 Political Geography. What (Political) Geography Ought to Be?

  Session: Theoretical Approaches to and Historical Perspectives on Geography and Geopolitics as Instruments of Peace 3

Chairpersons: Elena dell’Agnese, Toshiyuki Shimazu

War, peace and a geographical internationalism: The 1871 Antwerp International Geographical Congress as a Peace Festival after the Franco-Prussian War        

Toshiyuki Shimazu, Department of Geography, Wakayama University


Tolerance in geographical education - a comparative analysis of geography school textbooks in Poland, Great Britain and Spain       

Ewelina Żurawicz, Magdalena Oberska, Małgorzata Surmacz, Institute of Geography and Spatial Management, Jagiellonian University in Kraków


Japanese wartime geopolitics and exceptionalism in the post war era

Akihiko Takagi, Department of Geography, Kyushu University