C12.23 Karst

Session: Environmental Change and Stewardship Responsibilities in Karst Regions 2

Chairpersons: Elena Trofimova, Martin Trappe

The impact of human activities on vegetation in karst area: A case study in northwest Guangxi of China

Huixia Li, Hongyi Zhou, Xinghu Wei, Department of Resources and Environment Science, Foshan University


Cave tourism evolution revealed by calligraphic landscape in Guilin         

Jie Zhang, Li Ke, Jin-He Zhang, School of Geography, Nanjing University


Protecting the environmentally protected area of the Lagoa Santa Karst through geotourism

Luiz Eduardo Panisset Travassos (1), Vania Kele Evangelista (2), Isabela Dalle Varela (3)

(1) Graduate Program in Geography, Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais

(2) Federal Center for Technological Education of Minas Gerais

(3) Law School, Newton Paiva College and Promove College


Cave environmental changes: New approach to assessment           

Elena Trofimova, Department of Geomorphology, Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences