C12.25 Landscape Analysis and Landscape Planning

Session: Landscape Analysis and Landscape Planning 1

Chairpersons: Malgorzata Luc, Jacek SzmaƄda

An analysis on social impact of landscape fragmentation in densely populated areas under an ecological background in China         

Hong Leng, Yanhong Ma, School of Architecture, Harbin Institute of Technology


The landscape research in the Svratka-river basin (Czech Rep.) using cultural services according to the CICES methodology  

Milan Skoupy, Department of Geography, Masaryk University


Elaboration of the Ukraine's first multi-level system of landscape plans (a case of Cherkassy region)      

Ievgeniia Maruniak, Leonid Rudenko, Sergiy Lisovsky, Alexander Golubtsov, Victor Chekhniy, Yuriy Farion, Institute of Geography of Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences