C12.25 Landscape Analysis and Landscape Planning

Session: Landscape Analysis and Landscape Planning 2

Chairpersons: Malgorzata Luc, Jacek Szmańda

The historical-landscape analysis of the Altai Mountains in Scythian time (VIII - III century BC)

Anastasia Glebova, Kirill Chistyakov, Marianna Koroleva, Faculty of Geography and Geoecology, Department of Physical Geography and Landscape Planning, Saint Petersburg State University


The natural capital of selected mountain areas in Bulgaria 

Bilyana Borisova (1), Assen Assenov (1), Petar Kirilov (2)

(1) Landscape Ecology and Environmental Protection, Sofia University

(2) Space Research and Technology Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


Innovation management in sustainable land management  

Christian Besendoerfer, Institute of Socio-Economics, Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research


Land use and landscape changes. A methodological proposal for the creation of sustainable cultural tourism itineraries       

Luca Rizzo (1), Raffaela Rizzo (2), Filippo Smerghetto (3)

(1) Centro Interdipartimentale, University of Padua

(2) Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Brescia

(3) CA S.A., Chile