C12.26 Land Use and Land Cover Change

Session: Historical/Dynamic Changes of Land Use. Land Use of Towns and Villages

Chairperson: Ivan Bičík

Identification of abandoned farmland in Slovakia applying CORINE land cover data

Jan Feranec, Monika Kopecká, Jan Otahel, Jozef Nováček, Róbert Pazúr, Institute of Geography, Slovak Academy of Sciences


Land use changes in Slovenia from the Franciscean Cadastre until now

Matej Gabrovec, Peter Kumer, Anton Melik Geographical Institute, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts


Long-term land-use changes: Case study Czechia 1845-2010

Ivan Bicik, Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, Charles University in Prague


Land use/cover change and social responsibility in Russia

Elena Milanova, Faculty of Geography, Lomonosov Moscow State University


Environmental impact assessment on gravel gold mining in the Amur River basin

Eugene Egidarev (1), Eugene Simonov (2)

(1) Pacific Geographical Institute Far Eastern Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences

(2) River without Boundaries International Coalition