C12.28. Local and Regional Development 

Session: Local and Regional Development in Poland

Chairperson: Jerzy Banski

Spatial convergence of agriculture in Poland          

Anna Kołodziejczak, Institute of Socio-Economic Geography and Spatial Management, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań


The activities of local governments in the implementation of knowledge-based economy in Malopolskie voivodeship           

Małgorzata Zdon-Korzeniowska, Sławomir Dorocki, Monika Borowiec, Department of Entrepreneurship and Spatial Management, Institute of Geography, Pedagogical University of Cracow


Local dimension of unreported employment and hidden unemployment in Poland - the attempt of estimation and explanation    

Maciej Tarkowski, University of Gdańsk


Spatial planning and land use change in municipalities affected by flooding in Poland     

Mariola Ferenc, Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization, Polish Academy of Sciences


The issue of socio-spatial conflicts in context of local development in Poland        

Karolina Dmochowska-Dudek, Faculty of Geographical Sciences, University of Łódź