C12.29. Marginalization, Globalization, and Regional and Local Responses

Session: Changing nature of globalization, marginalization and marginality: New challenges for understanding and responding 3: Border and Rural Areas Socio-economic Imprint of Marginality, Commuting, Emigration and Identity

Chairperson: Stanko Pelc

Selective development of peripheral region in Czechia and Austria in the post-industrial period  

Tomas Havlicek, Charles University in Prague


Socio-spatial identities and dynamics in the Croatian borderland to Slovenia        

Marta Zorko, Ivan Sulc, Marko Kovacic

(1) Faculty of Social Science, University of Zagreb

(2) Department of Geography, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb

(3) Institute for Social Research in Zagreb


Global embedding as a response to socio-spatial marginality - Entrepreneurial strategies and the perceptions of well-being in the declining rural spaces of Hungary

Gabor Nagy, Erika Nagy, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Rural urban migration in Bhutan: A study in local and regional responses and marginalization

Raghubir Chand, Department of Geography, Kumaun University Nainital