C12.29. Marginalization, Globalization, and Regional and Local Responses

Session: Changing Nature of Globalization, Marginalization and Marginality: New Challenges for Understanding and Responding 4: Poverty, (Post)colonialism, Segregation and a Lack of Accessibility

Chairpersons: Stanko Pelc

Extent of poverty in the EU countries

Justyna Weltrowska, Institute of Socio-Economic Geography and Spatial Management, Adam Mickiewicz University in PoznaƄ


Relations between former colonial powers and developing countries from 1960 to 2009 in the context of the dependency and world-systems theories       

Tomasz Wites, Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies, University of Warsaw


The impact of motorway building on the accessibility to marginal areas in the West Region of Romania 

Raularian Rusu, Titus Man, Sandu Ciprian Moldovan,  Faculty of Geography at the Babes-Bolyai University Cluj