C12.30 Mediterranean Basin

Session: Mediterranean Changes and Challenges

Chairperson: Maria Paradiso

The meaning of event tourism in the opinion of Erasmus students. Case study: Spain

Kamila Ziółkowska-Weiss, Institute of Geography, Pedagogical University of Cracow


The role of sustainable and responsible development to foster south Mediterranean economies, in the non oil fields and sectors

Alessandro Leto, Department of Human and Social Sciences, University for Foreigners Perugia


The roots of the modern Greek tragedy

Olivier Lefebvre, Olivier Lefebvre Consultant


Traditional and virtual space in Tunisia. Towards a new understanding of geographical space after the revolution

Bassem Neifar, UMR TELEMME Aix-Marseille University and French National Centre for Scientific Research


Overcoming Adriatic divisions

Clive Schofield, Ian Townsend-Gault, Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security, University of Wollongong