C12.33 Political Geography

Session: Contemporary Conflicts and New/Old Forms of Belligerence 2

Chairperson: Elena dell’Agnese

The “renewed” wars of the post-bipolar period and the "new peace". Analysis and perspectives to highlight the lack of logical, spatial and temporal interruption of today’s phenomena of belligerence

Simona Epasto, Department of Cognitive Sciences, Educational and Cultural Studies, University of Messina

Contested places in post-conflict spaces: Examples from former Yugoslavia         

Peter Remenyi, Aron Lephaft, Department of Political Geography and Regional Development, University of Pecs


Srebrenica: where the war never ended       

Antonio Violante, Department of Cultural Heritage and Environment, University of Milan


Impacts of refugees crisis crossing borders during Arab Uprising  

Ibrahim Alfaggy, Institute of Diplomatic Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia