C12.33 Political Geography

Session: European Integration 1: Territoriality

Chairpersons: Virginie Mamadouh, Anna Casaglia, Jussi Laine

European integration and the territorial-administrative complex

Andreas Faludi, Delft University of Technology


Towards a European model of capital city: Location strategies of diplomatic functions between and inside capital cities

Antoine Laporte, UMR 5600 Environnement, Ville et Société, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon


Taking a step further in understanding EU territoriality: What can we learn from cross-border cooperation?    

Estelle Evrard, University of Luxembourg


Looking East and West: Bordering, integration and securitization (the case of Russia's borders with CIS countries and the EU)          

Vladimir Kolosov, Laboratory of Geopolitical Studies, Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences