C12.33 Political Geography

Session: European integration 3: Eastern Partnership and ENP

Chairpersons: Virginie Mamadouh, Anna Casaglia, Jussi Laine

Future of wider Europe? Eastern Partnership and changing spatial imaginaries of EU policy documents          

Ilkka Liikanen, Karelian Institute, University of Eastern Finland


Ukrainian revolution’s roots and geography: The context of European integration           

Sergiy Lisovsky, Eugenia Maruniak, Leonid Rudenko, Institute of Geography, National Academy of Science of Ukraine


Urban renewal as a mechanism designed to support civic development in Ukraine. Project experiences from the Eastern Partnership Program

Wojciech Jarczewski, Institute of Urban Development


EU membership prospects for the former Yugoslav countries

Jan Wendt, University of Gdańsk


Beyond europeanization: Food safety and the multiscalar politics of European integration

Renata Blumberg, University of Minnesota