C.12.33 Political Geography

Session: Here, There, Everywhere: Social Movements Spatialising Dissent

Chairperson: Valeria Pecorelli

Reforming the common agricultural policy from below: Problems of Europeanization and the making of a transnational dood sovereignty movement   

Renata Blumberg, University of Minnesota


In-between frame and life: Dwelling the geographical imaginary of lived spaces of political subjectivity 

Bianca Maria Mennini, Universita di Milano-Bicocca


Pulling in a submerged geopolitical frame from Okinawan landscape       

Naoki Oshiro, Department of Geography, Meiji University


Conditions of constructing peace: Some cases of the anti-base movements in Japan

Koji Nakashima, Department of Geography, Kanazawa University


The unbearable rightness of sharing: Informal economic practices in post-socialist Central Europe

Petr Jehlicka (1), Nadia Johanisova (2), Eva Frankova (2), Petr Danek (3)

(1) The Open University

(2) Department of Environmental Studies, Masaryk University

(3) Department of Geography, Masaryk University