C12.33 Political Geography

Session: Political Geographies of Multilingualism 2: Boundary Making

Chairperson: Virginie Mamadouh

Visible or invisible? Practices for displaying geographical names in multilingual regions in the Carpathian Basin

Agnes Eross, Patrik Tatrai, Geographical Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Factors determining spatial diversity of bilingual and trilingual geographical names in Poland and Romania

Jan Wendt (1), Alexandru Ilieş (2)

(1) Department of Regional Development Geography, University of Gdańsk

(2) Department of Geography, Tourism and Territorial Planning, University of Oradea


Language, identiy and boundary disputes in the emerging virtual state: Challenges from the Internet, Google and Social Media Worlds

Stanley Brunn, Department of Geography, University of Kentucky


"We the people" – the identification of Silesians in the 21st century

Marek Sobczyński, Andrzej Rykała, Department of Political Geography and Regional Studies, University of Łódź