C12.34 Population Geography

Session: Processes of Population Change and Migration 2

Chairpersons: Jianfa Shen, Yu Zhu

Recent situation and changes in the spatial and temporal patterns of China's floating population: Insights from the 2010 and 2000 population censuses 

Yu Zhu, Baoyu Xiao, Liyue Lin, School of Geography, Fujian Normal University


Assessing modelling performance of regional emissiveness, attractiveness and the effect of spatial interaction: The case of interregional migration in China      

Jianfa Shen, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Differentiation of migration processes in Krakow Metropolitan Area

Piotr Raźniak, Dariusz Nowotnik, Pedagogical University of Cracow


Migration and spatial redistribution of population in Central European urban regions: Case study of Bratislava and Košice (Slovakia)       

Ladislav Novotny, Marian Kulla, Department of Human and Regional Geography, Institute of Geography, Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Košice