C12.35 Sustainability of Rural Systems

Session: Farming in Peri-Urban Areas and Rural-Urban Interactions

Chairperson: Frans Thissen

The commodification of rural space with the restructuring of urban farming in the urban fringe of Tokyo metropolis: A case study of the Sunagawa area, Tachikawa city

Toshio Kikuchi (1), Akira Tabayashi (2)

(1) Department of Geography and Tourism, Tokyo Metropolitan University

(2) Department of Geography, University of Tsukuba


Changing mobility patterns and rural-urban interaction: Examples from a forest area in Sweden

Örjan Pettersson, Department of Geography and Economic History, Umea University


Community mixing and rural community changes in the Gower Peninsula, Wales

Ryo Iizuka (1), Toshio Kikuchi (1), Mitsuru Yamamoto (2)

(1) Department of Tourism Science, Tokyo Metropolitan University
(2) Gratuate School of Cultural Science, Saitama University


Shallow heritage and environmental impact: Legacies of dairying in the Waikato, New Zealand

Lex Chalmers, Department of Geography, University of Waikato