C12.35 Sustainability of Rural Systems: Societies in Transition

Session: Evidences of Changes in Values and Expectations

Chairpersons: Ana Firmino, Jerzy Bański

The quest for rurality in Wallonia in 2013 (Belgium)

Serge Schmitz, Department of Geography, University of Liege


Local services in small villages: The role of the primary school

Frans Thissen, Joos Droogleever Fortuijn, Maartje Meesterberends, Department of Geography Planning and International Developmet, University of Amsterdam


Sustainability of Hiroshima as a rural and global heritage for peace education: Possibility and limitation on peace education in Hiroshima

Masashi Urabe (1), Hiroaki Sakaue (2), Sherlyne Almonte-Acosta (3), Yoshimichi Yui (2)

(1) Hiroshima City University

(2) Hiroshima University

(3) University of the Philippines-Diliman


Agricultural land use changes in the rural area of Belgrade region during the transition period

Mirko Grčić, Mikica Sibinović, Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade


Quantitative approach to determine typology of rural areas in Serbia

Marija Martinović, Ivan Ratkaj, Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade