C12.39 Urban Commission: Urban Challenges in a Complex World

Session: Increasing Insecurity

Chairpersons: Celine Rozenblat, Daniel O'Donoghue

An agency-structure approach to urban borderland study: The case of a gated community and its neighboring area in Panyu in Guangzhou, China

Kaihuai Liao (1), Rainer Wehrhahn (1), Werner Breitung (2)

(1) Department of Geography, Universtiy of Kiel

(2) Xi'an Jiaotong, Liverpool University


The 'doings' and 'sayings' of the reproduction of urban (in)security in Brazil         

Rainer Wehrhahn, Dominik Haubrich, University of Kiel


Robbery, burglary and damage of public and private property during 2013 FIFA's Confederations Cup in Belo Horizonte, Brazil       

Ludmila Ribeiro, Alexandre Diniz, Pontifical Catholic Univesity of Minas Gerais