C12.39 Urban Commission: Urban Challenges in a Complex World

Session: The Labyrinth of Social Changes: New Theoretical and Methodological Approaches 2

Chairpersons: Magdalena Górczyńska, Caroline Bouloc

The relationship between real estate transactions by Fukushima refugees and land price changes after the Great East-Japan Earthquake         

Shinya Kawamura, Hokkaido University


Towards social upgrading: Conceptualization of social change in the post-socialist city (the case of Warsaw, Poland)           

Magdalena Górczyńska, Urban and Population Studies, Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization, Polish Academy of Sciences


Using qualitative methods in order to study Polish élites in Warsaw          

Caroline Bouloc, CNRS UMR Geographie-cites


A tale of two bazaars: The narratives and storytelling techniques in exploring the transformation of public spaces in Post-Soviet Tashkent 

Hikoyat Salimova, Hafen City University Hamburg


Social segregation vs spatial isolation. Housing policy in selected metropolitan areas: Preliminary surveys       

Anna Grzegorczyk, Barbara Jaczewska, Department of Geography and Regional Studies, University of Warsaw