C12.39 Urban Commission: Urban Challenges in a Complex World

Session: Urbanization and Functions of Cities in Post-Socialist Countries 1

Chairpersons: Daniela Szymańska, Beata Hołowiecka, Celine Rozenblat

Features of the central place system development in the central part of Post-Soviet Russia

Vyacheslav Shuper (1), Pavel Em (1), Maria Gunko (2)

(1) Department of Social and Economic Geography, Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences

(2) Department of Cartography, Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences


The dynamics of entrepreneurial profile in Bucharest (Romania) – structural changes and trends

Radu Pintilii (1), Daniel Peptenatu (1), Cristian Draghici (1), Igor Sirodoev (2), Andrei Schvab (2)

(1) Faculty of Geography, University of Bucharest

(2) Interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Research on Territorial Dynamics, University of Bucharest


The transformation of cities in Poland in the context of enterprises structure

Daniela Szymańska, Stefania Środa-Murawska, Jadwiga Biegańska, Department of Urban Studies and Regional Development, Nicolaus Copernicus University


Changing economic role of cities in the Hungarian urban network after the political-economic transition: Analysis and classification

Gyorgy Csomos, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Debrecen


Quantitative and qualitative urbanization in Ukraine: Contemporary state

Iryna Gukalova, Institute of Geography of Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences