Ecosystem services concept in spatial planning

Organisers: Ewelina Mocior (Poland), Agnieszka Nowak (Poland)


The aim of the workshop is to create the space to exchange ideas and thoughts on ecosystem services and its application in spatial planning process. The workshop includes the introduction of ecosystem services concept and discussion on its role in spatial planning. Ecosystem services identification will be conducted for the Zakrzówek area in Kraków, which is located near to the conference venue. In the first part of workshop, participants will be familiarized with environment and land use of this area. In case of good weather conditions, one-hour walk to the area of interest is planned. The analyses of ecosystem services will be based on cartographic materials and the field walk. The possible conflicts between various groups of ecosystem services and ecosystem potentials will be detected. Participants will also practice role playing while negotiating and deciding on a proper land-use.


The workshop is principally designed for conference contributors who have not learnt the concept of ecosystem services yet. However, participants familiar with the concept are invited as well.


Date: 21.08.2014, 16:00-20:00

Maximum number of participants: 30

Room: computer laboratory

Application on the e-mail: untill 31 July

Contact persons:

Ewelina Mocior, Agnieszka Nowak
Jagiellonian University
Institute of Geography and Spatial Management
7 Gronostajowa St.
PL-30-387 Krakow