Project: Forest change detection and monitoring using passive and active remote sensing data (RS4FOR) (National Science Center, Poland, OPUS10)

The main goal of the RS4FOR project is to develop and test approaches which allow to improve forest cover change detection and monitoring using different types of remote sensing data (optical data: Landsat 4, 5, 7, 8 (data time series from 1985 to 2017) and Sentinel 2 (data time series from 2015-17), radar data: Sentinel 1 (data time series from 2014-17), and data from airborne laser scanning (ALS) (2013, project ISOK). We will focus on both forest cover conversion and modification, and on three different aspects of forest monitoring: (1) forest cover and its change (2) prediction models of forest structure and its change and finally (3) forest health. Our approaches will be developed for temperate forest; mountainous areas. Test area is located in the Polish Carpathians. The outcome from this project will be a set of algorithms, products and metrics for the combine use of optical, radar and lidar data in accurate spatial and temporal forest cover change detection and monitoring at landscape level.