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Workshop on Sustainable water resources management in high mountains in the Baltic Sea Region

Zakopane, 10-13th June 2019 .


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Participatory Spatial Planning - Processes, Challenges and Tools

14-15 June 2018


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International Workshop on Ecological Connectivity Modelling

6-9 March2018

More information, Workshop flyer

Logo konferencji IGU2014 IGU Regional Conference - Changes, Challenges, Responsibility

Kraków, 18-22.08.2014


Logo konferencji 6th International Conference on Cryopedology
Frost-affected soils
Dynamic soils in the dynamic world

Kraków, 24-29.08.2013


IGU "Innovation and Creativity in Emerging Economic Spaces: Local Entrepreneurship and Transnational Corporations"
IGU Commission on "The Dynamics of Economic Spaces"

Kraków, 3-5 May 2012 r.


ESA 2011 ESA 2011 Advanced training course in Land Remote Sensing

Cracow, 12-16 Sept 2011


Forum Carpaticum 2010

Cracow, September 15-17, 2010


Advances in weather and circulation type classifications & applications. (COST 733 Mid-term Conference)

Cracow, October 22-25, 2008


ERB 2008: Hydrological extremes in small basins

Cracow, September 18-20, 2008


Science for the Carpathians Strategy Development and Networking Workshop

Cracow, May 27-28, 2008


Delocalisation of labour intensive industries

Kraków, 12-14 April 2007

The second call: http://www.geo.uj.edu.pl/konferencja/move/secondcall.pdf

The new international division of labour?
The changing role of emerging markets in automotive industry

Kraków, 15-17 February 2007

Wincenty Pol as a geographer

Kraków, 9-11 October 2006

Organiser: Uniwersytet Jagielloński & Uniwersytet Marii Curie
Details: http://www.geo.uj.edu.pl/konferencja/pol/

The role of field stations in geographical research

Cracow - Gaik-Brzezowa - Łazy, 29-30.05.2004

Geography at the beginning of XXI century

Cracow, 30-31.03.2004

Cartography and tourism

Cracow 23-25.10.2003

Organizer: Department of Cartography and Remote Sensing

Soil in the Environment

26th Congress of the Polish Society of Soil Science: 9-12.09.2003, Cracow.

Organizer:Department of Pedology and Soil Science IGiGP UJ

Workshop "Use of statistical methods in climatology"

Cracow, Gaik-Brzezowa 8-11.05.2003

Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing in Mountain Environment Research

Zakopane, 19-23.09.2002

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