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Research stations

Field research stations play a very important role in the activities of the Institute of Geography as they enable investigations and education. At present the Institute has three stations that provide a wide range of research and educational opportunities in all branches of geography, especially climatology and meteorology, hydrology, geomorphology and soil science.

Field Research Station in Łazy

32-765 Rzezawa, Łazy
tel.: +48/14/ 611-30-67

Head: Dr inż. Mariusz Klimek
Email: lazyiguj@poczta.onet.pl

Field Research Station in Gaik-Brzezowa

32-410 Dobczyce, Gaik-Brzezowa
tel.: +48/12/271-66-99

Head: Dr Anita Bokwa

Field Research Station of the Climatology Department
"Botanical Garden" in Cracow

31-501 Kraków, ul. Kopernika 27
tel.: +48/12/421-32-62

Research supervisor: Dr Katarzyna Piotrowicz
Head: Mr Piotr Pieczara

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